What is a Luxury Cruise?

Taking time off from the usual routine and giving yourself a well-deserved break from work should always be put in your calendar. Some people do not prioritize vacation in their lives. No Amsterdam holidays, no Amsterdam city trips. They do even think of what to do in Amsterdam other than working and staying at home.

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But you should set a portion of your time to explore the world and see the beauty that you do not normally have on your backyard or the window office. One of the nicest vacations that you can reward yourself with is a travel cruise.


shipRiding on a travel cruise can take a whole day, a whole week, or even a whole month. It really depends on the places that you will visit while you are on a cruise. Normally, a cruise will only require you to stay on the ship for the duration of the trip. This is the day-only tours wherein you only enjoy the sights, the entertainment, the food and the company of other guests or the people that you are with. A cruise is luxurious travel on the sea, an ocean, or even on a huge river or canal. When you want a relaxing trip along with the towns or the countries that you want to visit, you should take a cruise.
A longer cruise trip can take seven days up to a month. These tours usually involve visiting a series of countries on the itinerary. You can get to book cruise trips in Europe, in Asia, and in the US. If you have the time and the money, you should at least try to have one luxurious month-long trip on any continent that you can afford. It is nothing that you have ever been to before.

The closest experience that can be compared to a luxury cruise is being in a five-star restaurant. The amenities are at their finest. The guests are pampered and taken care of. The food is just exquisite. The entertainment is top notch. You would not want to go anywhere else once you have the experience of a lifetime on a cruise.

4 thoughts on “What is a Luxury Cruise?”

  1. Janine says:

    I am from the Netherlands and I have not tried to go on a cruise here. Many people, even the locals, are raving about this tour from WT Cruises. I have no idea what this company offers nor the packages that they offer. Hopefully, I can spend less on a journey with my family on a cruise someday.

  2. Donne says:

    I have been on a tour once. It is in Asia. We traveled parts of Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, and Vietnam. It is really an awesome experience, to say the least. It is mixing the relaxing travel on a cruise with the hype of being in different countries in one go.

  3. Douglas says:

    I have never been to a luxury cruise before. And I have got to say that this article really made me realize what I have been missing. Now all I have to do is save some pennies so that I can afford to be on one of these cruises that you are talking about.

  4. Mike says:

    Luxury cruises are very expensive. They just go around where their guests wanted – I think LOL

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