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WT Cruises has the best service ever when it comes to accommodation of guests. From the moment we started our Amsterdam holiday, it was smooth sailing, to say the least. The crew was very friendly. And they really took a step further in making us feel right at home on our cruise.
Amanda Lee
Ceo & Founder Crix
If you want a great dinner cruise in Amsterdam, you have to sign up on a reservation at WT Cruises. The entertainment on board the ship is excellent. The food is sumptuous. And all of the employees are very courteous throughout the whole trip. I would go on a cruise in the Netherlands every year because of them.
Adam Cheise
Head Of Sales , MADRIN
Our family trip was made extra special by WT Cruises. I am not sure whether what they did for us as part of their services. But the extra hand that they gave to us so that we can have the best family tour ever is just something that we really appreciated.
Hazel Bueron
Manager, DigIt
If you love traveling, then you should choose WT Cruises to be your partner in your dinner cruise in Amsterdam. From the start of the trip up to the last step that we took, it was really amazing. I felt that a part of my heart was left on one of the ships of WT Cruises.
Julia Vander Laan
One of the best choices that we made as a couple is choosing WT Cruises for our honeymoon. We really got to spend intimate time with one another. We had a nice dinner, took our first pictures together as a couple, and slept soundly on their clean bedsheets and beds.
Nancy W.