Most frequent questions and answers

We are a cruise line company that offers unforgettable memories for you and your family to enjoy and relish. We have a set of small and big ships that can take a large number of tourists who want to go on an Amsterdam holiday with us. it is definitely worth the time and the investment when you choose WT Cruises on your next travel.

We have general and customized ships for our clients and return customers. The general Amsterdam trips that we conduct are those that involve our tried-and-tested tours that we guarantee to fully take advantage of the sights and sounds of the waters. The customized trip is the kind of travel that our highly valued clients choose for their own travel. When you choose a customized trip, you will be renting our smaller luxury cruises for yourself. You can request for specific places to travel to when you have the customized tour.

The WT Cruise is open for booking and reservations all year round. This is one of the most hailed services that we have in the industry. We do not stop our tours on any occasion. As long as people want to go on a cruise in the Netherlands, we are open to serve you.

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Yes. We allow private cruises for families, company outings, and other events. We like to give you the time of your lives when you are on board a WT Cruise liner. Just request for a quote from us so that we can send you the details on booking and payment.

We mostly go to different iconic places in the Netherlands. You can get to see different landmarks and mesmerizing sights when you ride one of WT Cruise liners.