Exploring Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of the most amazing cities that you can visit. Bing the capital city of the Netherlands, it is the city that is most populated. You can see the richness of Amsterdam in terms of its culture, its economy, and its history. Although the seat of the government is in Hague, you can still discover pieces of information when you visit the city. Comparable to the Las Vegas economy statistics, the booming businesses and the different companies in various industries have helped the country in its gross domestic product. They have also boosted both the local economy and the rating of the country in terms of its international relations.

About the city


Amsterdam is situated in North Holland. The city’s name is derived from the river that flows through the area. The river’s name is Amstel. As many of you know through textbooks and the Amsterdam sightseeing app, the city is mostly composed of water and canals. This is because an overflow of the river regularly occurs here. It is one of the challenges that the city and the whole country face. This why canals and waterways have been built and reinforced throughout the years. Not only does this innovation and technology protect the people but the infrastructures built for this city have also turned it into somewhat of a tourist attraction.

People go and book round trip cruises from Amsterdam to other key cities in the Netherlands and back. This is because tourists are quite amazed at the interconnections of the canals built around the city. Not all countries have the same structures as it has in Amsterdam. Many tourists will pay a huge amount just to experience what it is like to travel to Amsterdam.

Food to taste

waffleYou must do as the locals do. This is a saying that tourists always keep in mind when they visit a particular place that is not like their own. When you go to Amsterdam, you should try to taste all the popular cuisines, snacks, and other food that is popular in the city that you are in. As you have sought the best places to eat in Las Vegas, you should also seek the top-rated restaurants in Amsterdam that serve local specialties.

The first food that you should try is a stroopwafel. It is literally translated in English as syrup waffle. It is basically a kind of bread made from two layers of dough with a caramel filling. It may sound a little simple for the tourists but for the Dutch, the smell and the taste are very distinctive to them.

For those who have a sweet tooth, another must-try is the Poffertjes. It feels like pancakes and somewhat tastes like pancakes. But poffertjes are fully Dutch in origin.

Places to Visit


You should never leave Amsterdam without checking the iconic buildings and landmarks in the city. One tip that must take into consideration is to visit all the museums in Amsterdam. The Van Gogh Museum, the Rijksmuseum, and the Stedelijk Museum are just three of the recognizable museums in the city.

You should also check out the churches, and the parks here. To better maneuver around the city, you should rent a bike here.