About Us

WT Cruises provides services to tourists who want to have an amazing Amsterdam holiday through a luxury cruise around the Netherlands. You can definitely make your Amsterdam city trip truly memorable when you book a tour with us. Enjoy good music, great food, and awesome entertainment when you make reservations with us. It will be one check off the bucket list once you experience a nice WT Cruise.

Who we are

We are a 30-huge luxury liner that offers cruises to locals and tourist all year long. We have 10 cruises going to the waters every day. We interchange ships to make sure that all our boats are safe, reliable, and can give optimum performance on daily cruises. You can depend on us to give the best tour that you can get here.

What we do

We offer daily cruises to tourists who want to make the best out of their travels in the country. We have a 24-hour customer service for anyone who wants to seek help during the whole trip on the cruise. We have five-star food with onboard entertainment. We invite local and international celebrities who perform at our million-dollar pavilion. Expect us to give you five-star treatment every time you come to WT Cruises.