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Touring the Netherlands on a cruise is really an amazing exploit that you should try. Make reservations right now. It is recommended that you book two weeks in advance so that you are assured of the spot on the cruise. Making reservations on WT Cruises can be very difficult during the peak seasons. Travel with WT Cruises and create a distinctive event in your life today.

Traveling the Netherlands is one unique experience that every single one of us should do and be part of. it is a special feeling that is stored up in your mind and heart when you go to an Amsterdam holiday or an Amsterdam city trip. It is a memorable emotion that you will have from the moment you take your first step and will last your whole life. Being in the Netherlands is an amazing adventure that you can have. Whether you are young, a single professional, a married man or woman, or a senior late in his years, you should at least book a tour in the Netherlands. It will be a truly awesome journey that you will never ever forget.


Dinner cruise in Amsterdam

One of the best tours that you can get while in the Netherlands is a cruise. Taking luxurious travel in some of the iconic places in the country is definitely something that you should try for yourself. The main reason to do this is because of the breathtaking views that you will get as you ride a five-star cruise along with your friends, family, or loved ones. See the sunrise when you try the morning tour or get a beautiful snapshot of the sunset when you book an evening tour with the best travel and tour company provider in all of the Netherlands.


Shipboard entertainment

When it comes to cruises, only one company comes to mind. WT Cruises is the best in the business when it comes to providing cruises to tourists who want to explore the country in a special way. Walking along the streets is a good experience. But nothing can compare to the environment of a cruise. It is a truly extraordinary event that you should prepare for. When you want to see the Netherlands on a different view, then a cruise is a wise choice for you. And the best partner to do this cruise with is WT Cruises.



WT Cruises is a travel cruise provider that has 40 liners that are ready to be used by tourists who want to experience the Netherlands. Around 10 cruise trips go around most of the recognizable parts of the country. With a tour guide on board, the clients who are riding the ships can either stay inside or take a short tour of the different iconic places in the Netherlands. Take a picture of the historic landmarks in the country. Dine in the five-star restaurants situated at the heart of Amsterdam. Talk to the locals who are very accommodating and friendly. Explore the beautiful streets, bricked walls, and other buildings and structures.


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We have been serving tourists and locals for around ten years today. We have created wonderful memories for people who are looking to have a good time during their Amsterdam holidays or Amsterdam dinner cruises. If you want to see the photos of the beautiful smiles as they take up our curated travel tours and packages, you can check more of them in our portfolio.

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